Web Site Development

web site design will, but if it's not planned and implemented correctly, you may be redeveloping your web site again within a year.

The successful deployment of your new web site solution revolves around successful web site development planning. It means laying the groundwork for the long-term success of your online marketing strategy.

As web site developers, (the web site programming behind your web design), Scorched Media use tableless css design and code. What does this mean to you? Probably not alot, but it does ensure that your web site will load far quicker, be more accessible for your site visitors, and also be more search engine friendly.

Scorched Media are industry leaders in technology integration for the Internet. Normally this involves the development (or integration) of a Content Management System, putting control of your web site content into your hands.

Why? Because you get more return on your investment, by having a web site that is more responsive to your customer's needs.

How? As you can use your existing computer skills to add, change and update your website whenever it is required.

And it also cuts down your web site development timelines. Most of our client's web site are live within 4-6 weeks!

Our web site development timelines follow three essential steps:

1. Planning: Our experts work with you to understand the scope, goals, target audience and objectives of your project, and define a development plan with the best approach for reaching your web site goals.

2. Configuration: and Integration: Working with you, we help you utilise the web content management system for creating and editing your web site content.

3. Deployment: Together, we test your solution before transitioning it into your production environment to verify that all customisations, integration points, and active content are functioning smoothly.

Whether you require a corporate web site development strategy or a starting place for you to build a web presence, a Scorched Media web site solution will enable you to speed implementation, minimise deployment costs, and swiftly realise the value of an online solution.  

For Further Information

To make an OBLIGATION FREE enquiry regarding our web site solutions, please click here to contact Scorched Media or call us on 07 3123 7327.

All Scorched Media Web Sites Include The Following Features:

Responsive layouts

Your web site will have a responsive layout, meaning that look good and be extremely user friendly on all platforms including desktops, iPad and iPhone, Blackberry and Android smartphones and tablets.It will automatically re-arrange its elements for optimum readability and navigation.

Joomla or WordPress Based web sites

All the sites are built on either Joomla or WordPress, which are very popular and easy-to-use CMS (Content Management Systems). This means you can add, edit, and change your web site, when required without any additional costs. We will also provide full user training!

Unique web site design every time

Your web site needs to be as unique as your business. At Scorched Media, every web site design we undertake is individually designed and tailored to your business. Your web site will be designed to make a visual statement to entise your web site visitors!


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the art of structuring a site in such a way that Google and other search engines deem your site more important than others in the same market or niche. Our basic on-page SEO will give your site a small edge against your competitors.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a site traffic monitoring system that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. It tracks and records how many people are visiting your website, where they go, how long they stay there, etc.

Web Site Maintenance

We understand that finding the time to update your web site content can be a real challenge. If you are unable to make your own changes to your web site or simply just too busy, we're happy to make all of your changes for you.