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A web site content management system puts you in control

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Content Management Systems

A web site content management system puts you in control

At Scorched Media, many of the web sites we design are developed using the WordPress web site content management system.

Why? Because we believe that you should be able to make changes and updates to your web site, without paying for the privilege. Better still, you can delegate the updates to a member of your team!

WordPress is currently the most popular web site platform, estimated to be powering over one third of the web sites on the Internet. It has a large developer and designer community ensuring the platform is kept up to date with latest trends in web design.

You can add, change and update your general web page text, PDF and Word files, images, video and audio files. Best of all, you don’ t need to have any technical skills to update your own web site! And we are happy to train you on how to update your site too!

Suddenly your web site is always up-to-date, always evolving and always fresh, and is even more effective as a marketing and communications tool for you and your customers.

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Update your Website: Anywhere, Anytime

Your web site should be just that: yours. We give you the power and ability to update your content whenever you want to. There are no delays while you contact a web designer; your changes will appear instantly on your web site, so you can keep your marketing message and customers up-to-date and take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities in your market.

  • No more Web site update bottlenecks
  • No more bills every time you want to change a product or a paragraph

….just more customers visiting your web site more regularly, reduced costs and faster, more elegant communications with your audience!

At Scorched Media we believe that when you invest in a web site you should be able to keep it up to date with out ongoing costs. This is why we recommend the WordPress content management systems to many of our clients.

Regular Web Site Updates = Results

A content management system will enable your authorised users to use their Microsoft Word® skills to change content, approve and migrate changes to your live web site in a matter of minutes.

With regular updates to your web site information, not only will you encourage your customer’s to keep coming back to your web site, but Google will also see your web site as more relevant leading to better rankings.

Grow your web site as your business grows!

As WordPress is module based, this enables us to develop a web site that meets our clients exact business needs. Then as their online requirements change, additional facilities can be easily incorporated into their web presence to extend its capabilities.

From restricted member only facilities and email newsletters, shopping carts, eCommerce facilities and much much more, businesses can grow at a pace of their choosing by selecting only the components that best suit their requirements.

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