Custom Developed Web Sites

While many of our web site solutions suit a majority of businesses, Scorched Media has the experience and flexibility to fully tailor and customise your web site development and this is where Scorched Media excels.

Scorched Media offers a range of completely custom developed web site solutions that are individually tailored to the exact online business requirements of our clients. In many cases, an effective web site requires a solution that is fully developed from the ground up to ensure it achieves your business objectives.

To achieve your required results, we tailor our web design, web site development programming, web site hosting and consulting services to suit your unique requirements and budget.

Some of the specific requirements that may require a fully custom web solution could be: :

  • Gaming web sites
  • Radio Streaming and streaming audio
  • purpose-built graphics
  • 3D animation
  • Interactive animation
  • Custom applications

Scorched Media offers real solutions for real businesses. We work closely with our clients to assist them in developing their total online business strategy. We do not limit our clients to a pre-set number of web pages or restrict the size of web site, which means that we can offer you a total online solution.

Because of the wide variation in possible individual requirements, it is necessary to discuss our custom solutions on a case by case basis.

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