Project Description

Web Site Design and Development Project

About Our Client:

The principal objective of the Matilda Group is to provide quality petroleum products and ancillary goods and services to both the  motorist and the industrial end user. The Group aims to provide these products and services in a friendly, professional and cost efficient manner, through a strong network of retail service stations and bulk distribution facilities

Web Site Design and Development Details:

This website delivers an eye-catching design, together with easy navigation, service station locations and integrated Google Maps.

Client Testimonial:

Dear Darren,

On behalf of Matilda Fuel Supplies we would like to thank you for delivering us a modern and user friendly website.

It has been some years since Matilda undertook such a large scale overhaul of its website, which was beginning to look antiquated and simplistic.

Scorched Media has not only provided our website with a fresh look for its customers, but also with a design that relates to our market.

Your design and facilities not only captures our existing network of sites and services, but has the ability to expand as our network expands. The back end usability of the web site has provided our staff with the opportunity to make updates and modifications with ease, regardless of the users technical knowledge.

Since the commencement of our new web site we have seen immediate results by way of compliments from customers and Matilda site operators. The positive feedback we have received confirms that we made the right decision in allowing Scorched Media to build and design our new website.

Yours faithfully

Marty Leishman