Web Site Maintenance

The importance of a web site cannot be overstated. The content, the graphics, the links and navigation all make up the dynamics of a website. But more importantly, these are the elements that drive the visitor to purchase your goods and services or make contact. If your web site is out of date, or obviously out of date, chances are you could be losing customers without knowing.

Web site content simply must be up to date, so that visitors return to the site time and time again.

However, we understand that finding the time to update your web site content can be a real challenge. If you are unable to make your own changes to your web site or simply just too busy, we’re happy to make all of your changes for you. Our experience allows us to make your changes quickly, even if we didn’t undertake your web site design or web site development.

If you find that you need to make more that just the occaisional update to your web site, you might like to think about changing over to a Scorched Media content management system. This will enable you to easily add, change and update your own web site content with any technical knowledge saving you time and money. And in most cases, you existing web site design can be retained.

Also we don’t have any compulsory maintenance fees or contracts. We’re just here to help!

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