Over the past few days, we have been asked why we recommend the WordPress web site framework to many of our clients that do not require a custom hand coded web site.

As a business, Scorched Media regularly evaluates new and existing web site content management systems and development platforms. This is to ensure that we are keeping abreast of all the latest developments and offering a best of breed solution.

However we keep coming back to WordPress. Why?

Our client’s find WordPress extremely easy to update, flexible and cost effective. It also enables us to speed development and therefore keep your costs down. This is as we start the projects with a fully tested, proven, and well-coded framework. Not a blank screen.

So who uses WordPress?

WordPress is used to power 27% of all web sites on the Internet today. Many of the world’s biggest brands use WordPress to power their web sites including but not limited to: Time Magazine, Sony, Disney, LinkedIn, The New York Times, CNN, CBS New York, Mercedes-Benz and more.

But it’s just blogging software?

Some people still misunderstand the power of WordPress, with it’s evolution from a simple piece of blogging software to one of the most robust and versatile systems available today.

WordPress also has a vast repository of over 50,000 plugins to extend the capabilities of its core software. This means that a WordPress web site is fully scalable, with additional functionality and features added easily and seamlessly.

It can be used to develop many different kinds of web sites from small business information sites, through to online stores and event bookings and everything in between.

Easy integration with other platforms

Many web site owners need a platform that can integrate with other third-party platforms such as newsletter facilities such as Mailchimp, or invoicing systems like Freshbooks.

With WordPress, you can integrate your web site with a number of robust platforms to extend the overall functionality of the site.

Even better, many of these plugins and facilities are free.

It’s easy to use too!

WordPress is extremely user friendly and makes it easy for you to fully maintain and update your web site.

Adding a visual editor to WordPress, makes updating your content as easy as working with Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. It becomes a case of drag and drop and type in your required web copy.

Adding files, images and videos to your web site pages is also very simple, much like adding a photo to your Facebook.

Responsive web site design

Google has raised the bar, by penalising the search results for non mobile-friendly web sites.

WordPress is mobile friendly out of the box, and delivers a set of tools to designers to ensure having a mobile responsive web site can be easily fulfilled.

SEO friendly?

Web sites developed on WordPress platform are by default SEO optimised, as the structure it follows meets the best practices as laid out by Google, Bing and Yahoo, for better SEO rankings.

It is secure and reliable?

While hackers can target any web site, the WordPress team work consistently to make it as secure as possible. When it comes to providing security WordPress, release regular updates and security patches thereby creating a safer web site environment for your business.

Not limited to one hosting provider

Across our industry, we see many web sites developed that are locked into the providers hosting platform.

This really limits the client’s ability to move web hosts if a better service and price can be found elsewhere.

WordPress is fully portable, and is easily moved to another web hosting company should the need arise.

As a web designer and developer, why don’t you code all by hand?

For many of our clients, a hand coded web site is neither practical nor cost effective.

The WordPress platform gives us all the basics, so we don’t have to create them new each time, and it’s ready to be customised to our client’s requirements.

And yes, we use the WordPress platform for our own web site, and truly believe in it as a world class web site framework.

Contact us today to see how you can benefit from a WordPress Content Management System for your next web site.