Google page one, but your phone isn’t ringing? Why not?

Google page one, but your phone isn't ringing? lead generation experts

You’ve hustled, invested time, money, and effort into creating engaging content, drawing traffic to your website, and voila – you’re on the first page for keywords that matter! But wait, the lead count isn’t ticking up. Now, that’s annoying!

Staying focused and doubling your SEO efforts can be a huge task when the results are nowhere in sight. Believe us, we’ve been there. But hey, this is a puzzle we can solve together, and more often than not, the answer’s simpler than you think.

Let’s dig into some typical reasons why your traffic isn’t translating into leads.

K.I.S.S Your Contact Forms – Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Your website may be brimming with terrific content, but if your web form’s a maze, you’re letting potential leads slip away.

While gathering every bit of info you can from visitors is tempting, remember – less is more when it comes to contact forms.

Here’s your mantra – keep your lead capture form simple, with only the necessary fields.

Why scare visitors with a long-winded form when just an email address and phone number keep the dialogue going? You can always circle back with a detailed form when they’re warmed up!

Here are some tips to nail your contact form:

  • A headline that screams the offer.
  • A brief outline of how you’ll use the contact info.
  • Minimal fields.
  • A standout CTA.
  • A note on data security.

Obscure CTAs Won’t Do the Trick!

A major pitfall that could be keeping leads at bay needs to be clarified or more specific CTAs. Scrutinise your CTAs on your website and landing pages.

If you’re unclear with what you want your visitors to do – a strong CTA – they’ll bounce off faster than they landed!

A run-of-the-mill “submit” button is a no-no! It’s dull and passive and carries a subconscious negative vibe.

Your CTA needs to be clear, active, and specific. Want to make a sale? “Buy Now” could be your CTA. Are you exchanging an email for a freebie? “Yes, I want my free report” fits the bill.

Is Your Website A Problem-Solver?

Your website, aimed at reeling in leads, should be a value-deliverer. A bit of self-promotion is okay, but it’s a turnoff for visitors if it’s all about you.

You might be offering high-quality products, but it won’t convince them if you’re not showing how it can solve their problems, so there is no conversion.

Connect with your site visitors in a genuine way, demonstrating empathy and understanding of their challenges, and demonstrate your solution. You’ll see a surge in conversions!

Content – Quantity or Quality?

Look at your website’s engagement metrics, particularly the average engagement time per session. In other words, the time your potential customers spend reading the information on your website. (If you aren’t sure where to find this, feel free to drop us a line.)

Do visitors spend enough time exploring your website content? Are they leaving your site too quickly?

If it’s a quick exit, it’s a sign you’re short on content or relevant content that matches what they are looking for. That’s an easy fix – add more content that ties into your page content and addresses what your site visitor is looking for.

If your site’s content-rich, maybe it’s time to take a long hard look at the quality. Are visitors finding the information they need? Is it written for search engines to maximise SEO benefits? Is it easy to read for people? Or is it that your content isn’t engaging enough?

To enhance your content, remember:

  • Stay on point to avoid visitor frustration.
  • Engage visitors with images, text, videos, and more.
  • Ensure your content resonates with your audience. Avoid industry jargon where possible.
  • Be straightforward about how you can solve their issues.
  • Let them discover specific features without overwhelming them with too much information!

Time for a Web Design Makeover?

A dated website can sink your conversions. Even minor things like your font choice and colour palette can make a world of difference.

You can start by defining your target audience and implementing A/B testing to find the most effective colour scheme or layout. If your website’s still underperforming, it’s time for an overhaul.

Carry out an in-depth site audit to locate the loopholes. Look for these red flags of bad web design:

  • Non-responsive on mobile.
  • Inconsistent design.
  • Low-quality imagery.
  • Hard to read readability.
  • Slow load speed.
  • Unclear user journey.

Ready to Boost Your Website Conversions?

If your website isn’t generating enough leads, it’s time to address the elephant in the room – you’re facing a negative ROI. And that’s something you absolutely don’t want!

It’s particularly annoying when your website has a first-page ranking but falls flat in lead generation. But don’t worry; by applying these tips, you’ll be on your way to resolving the most common conversion issues.

If you’re looking for a lead generation campaign that works, Scorched Media is the team for you. Connect with our team today and start seeing real results!