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Scorched Media Blog

Thoughts and musings from the Scorched Media team, covering topics of interest relating to website design and seo.

Scorched Media Blog

Thoughts and musings from the Scorched Media team, covering topics of interest relating to website design and seo.

Tips and Insights from the Scorched team

305, 2024

SEO Headlines: They Must Appeal to Real People, Too!

Creating effective headlines is crucial for both search engine optimisation (SEO) and engaging real people. But achieving this requires a delicate balance. With just seconds to capture the attention of people searching, clarity and relevance are the keys. If your headline doesn't immediately catch their eye, your potential site visitors will scroll past without a second glance Yes, we need to be creative, but just call a spade a spade.

3011, 2023

Is Squarespace or WordPress the Right Fit for Your Business

When deciding between WordPress and Squarespace for your new website, factors like budget, required features, scalability, and your own ability to contribute matter. Both are content management systems offering control over content. Yet, their differences become very clear upon closer examination. Your choice should align with your unique business needs, given the abundance of DIY builders and professional services available.

1311, 2023

The Hidden Power of About Us Pages

Don't underestimate the potential of "About Us" pages. They are a powerful tool for building connections with your visitors, focusing on their unique needs and highlighting the advantages they gain from your products or services. It's not just about sharing company details; it's about addressing their 'what's in it for me' questions, setting clear expectations, and effectively showcasing the value you bring to the table.

109, 2023

AI vs. Human: Best for Website Translations?

For website translation, while AI offers speed and efficiency, native speakers excel in capturing linguistic nuances and cultural essence. Localisation isn't mere translation; it aligns content with the target audience's culture and traditions. AI struggles with idiomatic expressions and cultural subtleties, whereas human translators grasp context and emotion. Missteps, like Pepsi's mistranslated campaign, highlight the necessity for human insight. A hybrid translation approach might be the ideal future.

2508, 2023

Google August Core Update – What It Means

Google's Aug 23 core algorithm update affects SERP rankings but doesn't target individual sites. The aim? Improve user search experience. As rankings shift, focus on content quality and E-E-A-T (experience, expertise, authoritativeness, trust). Scorched Media advises integrating updates into ongoing SEO strategies for optimal results.

1008, 2023


In 2023, Google Maps SEO is vital. Accurate business info, targeted keywords, reviews management, and quality images are key. Benefits: higher visibility, local engagement, improved keyword strategy. Challenges: ongoing optimization, category fit issues, and fierce competition for top spots.

1907, 2023

Why User Experience Matters

Consider your website from a customer's viewpoint. Like a business showroom, it needs regular maintenance for effective user experience (UX). An enhanced UX is pivotal for client retention, attracting new customers, and driving online success.

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