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Mobile Friendly Web Site Design

The main idea behind responsive web design is single web site for all devices. This means automatically adjusting your web site design to fit in the screen size of device being used to view your web site.

More than 60% of all web search traffic on search engines today is carried out on mobile devices. So depending on the nature of your business, more than half of your customers could be looking you up on smartphones. This means providing a pleasurable customer experience on mobile devices is essential.

Long gone are the times when site visitors were happy to pinch and zoom in to see the small text on a site. Nowadays, they will just click onto another web site, so having a mobile friendly and responsive web site design is imperative.

Your web site needs to be usable with current and future mobile devices to ensure your customers can find you wherever they are. Scorched Media can design your web site to automatically display optimised viewing layouts for visitors using smart phones, or give your web site visitors the choice to view your normal everyday computer version.

All Scorched Media mobile web sites are designed to look good and be extremely user friendly on all mobile platforms, smartphones and tablets.

Responsive Web Design – It’s More Important Than Ever!

It’s a Google Necessity Too!

Responsive Web Design is recommended by Google and other major search engines, as ideal approach to target mobile users and for better Search Engine Optimisation. However it is now essential, as all leading search engines are penalising the search ranking results of non-mobile friendly web sites.

When you choose Scorched Media as your web site design and development partner, you can be confident is the knowledge that all your potential and existing customers can access your web site content with ease no matter the type of device or computer that are using.

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