Your Website Visitors Don’t Read Every Word

Website visitors don't read your web site

When we talk to our clients about their website, we spend that little bit of extra time to discuss content layout and topography.

Unfortunately, website visitors don’t pour over our pages. Study every word. Explore every link.

In reality: they glance, skim, and skip over lots of stuff. They click on the first link that looks vaguely promising. Then they scan and click again.

And they’re happy to keep scanning and clicking, as long as it’s effortless. One way to make things more effortless, is optimising your website’s copy for scanning.

Tips on Optimising Text for Scanning

  • Use lots of headings
  • Short paragraphs
  • Use bulleted lists (see what I did there)
  • Highlight key terms

Remember, your website design it what will initially entice your website visitor – the readability of your content and it’s message will keep them on your website!