Get Your Site Visitors Coming Back

How to keep people coming hack to your web site.

By getting your site visitor’s to keep coming back to your website, you will build a level of trust and they will see your business as an authority in your field and build loyalty to your brand.  This means when they keep coming back to your website, get more advice and become returning customers.

So following is my top ten ways to make your website stick!

1. Design, Branding and Site Navigation
One of the first things a person sees when they enter your homepage is your logo and branding. This is why many people spend a lot of time and money on logos, due to first impressions from a visitor’s perspective. By having a clean, professional font, or a fun and wacky picture, you are attempting to create a sense of trust between the visitor and yourself.

Site Navigation is critical. If the visitor cannot work their way through the site, they won’t come back period.

This trust is key in making the visitor feel more at home and more likely to return to your website.

2. Easy To Find Contact Details
Make sure on every page in your site there is a noticeable contact button or link so that readers can get in touch with you if there is a problem or simply if they have any worries or queries.

3. Regularly Publish New Content
Content is King! If you want your visitors to return to your site, you need to give them a reason. By regularly having new content, your visitors will come to rely on your site as a resource.

4. Include Dynamic and Interactive Content
One easy way to peak interest is to feature some sort of interactive element on your website. Some examples are polls, forums, or blogs. You will find that your visitors will return regularly for updates.

5. Build a Mailing List
If your website does not change every day, but you do want to be able to alert your users when there is new content, then it is a good idea to create a mailing list. Try putting a subscription form on your home page. And when you alert your visitors, be sure to include a link back to your site in the email.

6. Throw a Contest
Believe it or not, contests are great traffic generators. And the bigger the prize, the more traffic you’ll have. Consequently, one way to maintain a steady stream of traffic is to hold monthly giveaways.

7. Ask For Suggestions
While you may be publishing content which you think will be of interest to your visitors, it is probably a good idea to verify this.

8. Inspire Confidence
There are many millions of websites online today. And for every genuine website, there are two bogus websites. So you will need to inspire confidence by providing unique information. It is also a good idea to display contact information on your website.

9.Write for Humans – not Search Engines
We all understand the benefits of SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. This is where we use certain keywords and phrases inside our website content to get a high listing in Google.

However, we actually need to provide the information “Human Ready!” Don’t get caught up in writing your site for search engines. You will find that while you’ll end up having a higher volume of traffic, no one will stay on your site for long.

Find the right balance, and not only will you gain a higher Search Engine ranking, but your site visitors will actually read what you have to offer

10. Give them A Reason To!
By giving your site visitors and customers a reason to keep coming back to your website, you will not only increase the chances of repeat business but also increase the word of mouth marketing for your online presence.

Providing on-going information and articles of interest to your market is a great way to achieve this. You could also offer a valuable free service.

Once people are coming back to your website, they are likely to browse through your products and services while they are there.