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  • Small Business Website Design Brisbane
  • Small Business Website Design Brisbane

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Eversafe Security supply and install alarm systems, security CCTV camera systems for  residential and commercial properties in Brisbane.

Small Business Website Design Brisbane


This website delivers an engaging, modern and responsive website design together with intuitive navigation.

URL: https://www.eversafesecurity.com.au/

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Web Design


We’ve had our website for about 4 years and recently found that enquiries for our business were declining. We also had been flooded with spam emails and telemarketers telling they could get us on page 1 of Google. Wow, just what we needed, but I’ve heard that before and actually went with one of these telemarketers 2 years ago which caused a lot of issues with our website. Clearly, it was time to fix our website.

I contacted about six of the spammers and telemarketers and let them give me their spiel, pricing and vision of where they could get me. They were really no different to what I’d experienced in the past – so discarded them. I put adverts on Air tasker – the people were just not professional and knowledgeable of website, Google or sales and marketing. I was tired of trying to do it on the cheap! Time to get professionals. I went to Google and did a search for web design business. I read lots of websites to find out about those businesses and their services to get a feel if they were the right people to fix my site and get me sales. I contacted 5 “local” businesses. Only two replied. One had a 4 page T&C’s where all IP was theirs and not mine, and would not do ANYTHING about my website until I signed their Agreement and paid them money – not off to a good start.

The other one called me on the same day. This was Darren from Scorched Media.

We had a long chat while we checked out my website together, pointing out what would be holding it back and how it impacted on Google searches. Darren offered, at no cost , to use his internet tools to see how we were ranking, what competitors sites were doing, and what needed to be done to really fix the website and get sales enquiries., He also offered to give me free advice on what should be done to my site, even if I went with someone else. He did a lot of work to determine where we needed to take the website BEFORE I agreed to go with him, all with no obligation.

I felt that he was “putting his money where his mouth was”, and was genuinely interested in helping our business and to get an effective website. All IP belongs to me and if I want to take my site or business elsewhere, he has no penalties. However, he’s been great and I can’t see why I’d go elsewhere. That was in September 2021, this is now January 2022.

Darren has done what he said he’d do, always within the time he states, and proved that he knows what he’s talking about with Google rankings and sales and marketing to bring us more enquiries. Yes our site is a work in progress as we don’t have big budget, but Darren allowed us to spread payment of his invoices over a few months.

Thanks Darren that really helped. I wish I’d found Darren and Scorched Media years ago, my business would be much better and bigger. Thanks mate, keep up the good work.

Ian, Eversafe Security

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