Step by Step Web Site Planner

Following is our step by step web site planner, that will have you well on the way to achieving a successful web site.

Step 1 – List Your Website Objectives

What objectives would you like your website to achieve?


  • Increase sales
  • Expand into new markets
  • Better service existing clients
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Reduce operating costs

  • Reduce the cost of making sales
  • Branding

Step 2 – Define Your Target Audience

Who is going to be interacting with your Internet presence?


  • Potential Clients
  • Existing Clients
  • Trade Clients
  • Business Partners
  • Information Seekers
  • Employees or Internal Users

Step 3 – Target Audience Requirement

What does your Target Audience Require?


  • Preliminary Product or Services Information
  • Ability to purchase online
  • Company Information
  • Product Support
  • Interactive Content
  • Comparisons of Products

Step 4 – Repeat Visitors

What will make your target market return to your site?


  • Regular content changes
  • Interesting Content
  • Regular Purchasing Requirements
  • Product Support
  • Online help

Step 5 – Define Content

Once you have completed the four steps, you can start defining your site-map. This is a list of page names for the type of content required to meet your websites overall objectives.?

Step 6 – Define your Content Management

How often will you update content to keep visitors coming back?

  • Content Manager/s
  • Feature and Articles
  • Newsletters
  • Payment Processing
  • Stock Control
  • Enquiry Replies

Step 7 – Define Site Access and Memberships

What access will different visitors have to content and products?

  • Public Access to all content
  • Member Access to specific content
  • Pricing Dependant on Access Levels

Step 8 – If an online store, plan products and catalogue

  • Product Layout
  • Stock Levels
  • Price Breaks
  • Member level pricing
  • Shipping and Handling
  • Reward Points

Step 9 – Design and Layout Planning

How do you want the layout and feel of your site?

  • Corporate Profile
  • Existing marketing material look
  • Colors and Layout
  • Graphics and Images
  • Site Structure

Step 10 – Review and Research Web Site Planning

What advantages will be provided in your web site compared to your competition?

  • Get feedback on your web site planning
  • Review how all aspects of your web site plan will work in together
  • If offering special features check to see if the users will benefit and use them

The more planning you do before building your web site will increase your ability to achieve a web site that will maximise your investment in both time and money, and deliver the required results.