The Hidden Power of About Us Pages

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We all know the importance of getting the visuals and message of your website homepage right to connect with your audience but don’t forget your “About Us” page.

“About Us” pages often remain an underused and overlooked resource, containing a business overview and team member profiles. In reality, they should be used as a powerful tool for building connections with your site visitors, potential clients, and customers.

Essentially, they should be more about your potential customer than your business. Think of these as “About Them” pages instead.

Why? It’s where you set the expectations and benefits of doing business with you. Answering their “what’s in it for me” questions.

So, let’s break this down;

The Essence of “About Them” Pages

When it comes to fleshing out your “About Them” page content, shifting your perspective is essential. These pages shouldn’t just be a company overview and listing of the company’s accomplishments.

Instead, they should be a customer-centric page aimed at addressing your audience’s needs and pain points and then demonstrating how your company can provide the solution that they are looking for.

Customer-Centric Approach

When creating your “About Them” page, it’s important to shift the focus onto your audience instead of your company. To begin, you need to answer a simple, yet not so simple question: “Who is my audience?”

Start by asking yourself, “What can we do for them?” This change in mindset will guide you in creating content that impacts your visitors. Share how your products or services can address their challenges and provide the solution they have been searching for. Add a testimonial or success story to reinforce your message and showcase the positive impact your offerings have had on previous clients.

Setting Clear Expectations

While sharing your company’s experience and values is important, the primary goal of “About Them” pages should be to set clear client expectations. Explain what visitors can expect when they engage with your business.

What separates you from your competitors? Is it outstanding customer service, innovative products and services or solutions?

Make sure your audience knows what differentiates your company from the competition.

Reinforcing Benefits

Your ‘”About Them” page is also an ideal space to reinforce the benefits of doing business with your company. Highlight the value you bring to your customers, whether it’s through competitive pricing, unmatched expertise, or a unique approach to problem-solving. By reinforcing these benefits, you’ll reassure your audience that they’ve come to the right place.

The Power of Storytelling

One of the most effective ways to engage with your audience through your “About Them” page is by incorporating storytelling. Telling a story and weaving your narrative throughout the page creates a consistent theme that can create a lasting impression.

The Beginning

Start by sharing the origins of your company. What inspired its creation? Did it start in a garage, a basement, or a co-working space? Let your audience peek behind the curtain and get to know the people and passion that led to your company’s inception. This makes your brand relatable.

The Middle

Next, dive into the journey of growth and evolution. What challenges did your company face? What lessons were learned along the way? Be honest about the obstacles you encountered and how you overcame them. This transparency demonstrates authenticity and resilience, traits that resonate with your audience.

The End

Finally, bring your narrative to the present day. Where is your company now? What are your current goals and aspirations? Again, use success stories and testimonials to illustrate your ongoing commitment to delivering value. This showcases your accomplishments and builds trust and confidence in your brand.

So, let’s put this all together;

Practical Tips for Your “About Them” Page

Now that we’ve covered the essence of “About Them” pages, let’s look at some practical tips for creating an effective and engaging “About Them” page.

  1. Start with Your Audience:
    Before you write a single word, take the time to understand your target audience. What are their needs, pain points, and desired solutions? What questions might they have about your company? Tailor your content to address these concerns.
  2. Add a Human Touch to Your Team:
    If you are going to include team profiles, introduce them in a relatable and personable way. Share their stories, expertise, and contributions to the company’s success. This helps visitors connect with the faces behind your brand and helps them feel comfortable with the people they are likely to interact with.
  3. Use Photo’s Wisely:
    Photo’s can evoke emotions and enhance the storytelling experience, but they must add to the site visitor’s experience on your page. Rather than using stock photos, try to use your own photos and videos where available as they will resonate more with your audience. They are a great way to break your page text into more readable blocks.
  4. Keep It Concise:
    While storytelling is essential, presenting your content in easy-to-read blocks is also important. Using headings and short paragraphs makes it easier for visitors to find the information they want. Remember, website visitors scan what’s written on your web pages rather than reading every word until they connect with your message.
  5. End with a Call to Action:
    Every page on your website must include a call to action, which is certainly true for your “About Them” page. Guide your visitors towards what you would like them to do next. Whether it’s inviting them to explore your products, signing up for a newsletter, or contacting your team, providing a clear and compelling call to action that aligns with your page’s message.


Your “About Them” page is more than a basic page website – it’s a real opportunity to connect with your audience on a personal level.

By shifting the focus from your company to your customers, incorporating storytelling, and following our practical tips, you can convert this often-neglected page into a valuable sales page that engages, informs, and helps to convert visitors into loyal customers by creating meaningful connections with your audience.

Harness the power of “About Them” pages, and watch your online presence succeed!

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