Can Google read your website?

Can google read your web site

There are lots of different elements that need to be considered if you’re hoping for a good Google ranking, but considering whether Google can read your website or be able to find all your pages is one of the most important.

Remember Google doesn’t see your website as your customers do. It just interprets the content. So giving Google an easy way to comb through your website content, and having the following basic structures in place is an essential starting point.

Using a sitemap

A sitemap is simply a list of all pages on your website, which helps search engines visit every page on your website. If your site doesn’t have many internal links, or is large with many pages, a sitemap is essential.

Clearly naming pages

Your page title is one of the things Google uses to determine what your page is about, so the clearer and more concise your title is, the more likely search engines are to successfully read your site and rank it accordingly. It also especially helps your ranking if you use your main page keyword in the title.

Give URLs relevant names

Your URLs can also be useful in helping search engines decide what your page is about. A best-practice URL should include keywords and clear indicators of the type of content that will be found on the page and should also indicate where the page can be found on the site. This means including some information about the category or folder it belongs to, such as ‘products’ or ‘information’.

Grouping related content together

Make life easy for the search engines that will be crawling your site by grouping related content together. This makes it easier for Google to understand the common themes and purpose behind your site and shows how much authority you have in any given area.

Use internal links

Google’s search spiders like to crawl through your site using internal links. These are the links you include from one page on your site to another, and they provide Google with an easy way to index your site. This is inn addition to using menu and sub-menu links.


Google cannot read images, however the ALT text tag is extremely meaningful. Rather than naming your image photo.jpg, name the photo using keywords. EG: if the photo is on a page talking about your tennis lessons is Brisbane., it would be beneficial to name the photo tennis-lessons-brisbane.jpg

Once your website is easier for Google to navigate, it will be more likely to rank you higher, but your human visitors will enjoy a better experience as well.