eCommerce Websites – Great content will boost sales

ecommerce web sites need content aimed at attracting buyers

If you’re looking for a way to increase your online sales and stand out from your competition, you should consider writing a blog aimed at the type of customer that you’re selling products to.

Consider this. You have a great product range, an easy to use website, but you need a sales boot – especially with Christmas not to far away.

For the last decade, we’ve designed and developed many online stores, and the most successful online businesses, are the sites that built trust with their site visitors and offer more than just an online catalogue.  All because of their non-shopping cart pages.

What these savvy operators are doing, is connecting with their target market, not just selling products.

Here are 5 reasons that great content will increase your ecommerce sales:

1. Great Content Builds Trust

It was once location, location, location. It’s now trust, trust, trust. People love brands they trust. Let your site visitors know you are more than just an online retailer and understand their requirements. Great website content in an online store, allows a customer to interact with you and get to know your values. If you can write articles that are helpful, entertaining, or emotionally compelling to your customers you will gain trust.

2. Great Content Invites Visitors Into Buyers

By creating your content to reach particular target market, you show your customers that you understand their needs. Your content should be designed for your target market. That means older professionals may not want to see spoof videos and blogs filled with sarcasm. Younger, trendy customers will leave quickly if your content is too stuffy and stilted. If you’re not creating content for your buyers, they’ll know you don’t understand them.

3. Establish Yourself as an Expert

One of the most important ways to build trust with your ecommerce customers is to show knowledge in your field. You can’t sell wine in your online store if you can’t tell the difference between Shiraz and Syrah. To prove your knowledge, blogs about different varieties would go a long way. You might also compile a learning set, where customers can purchase several different wines along with a video or ebook download that explains what they’re drinking. Next time they want wine, they’ll come right back to your site. Invest in getting to know the psychographic dimensions of your buyer personas. just waiting to buy whatever great new book they come out with.

4. Great Content Gets Shared

If you write something great that would appeal to your customers they’re going to share it with their friends, and they are more likely to share a information than sharing a special offer. Your online business will benefit when you can get people on to your website and Facebook page and talking about you.

If you don’t have an easy way to share your information on your website, such as a facebook share and like button you may be missing out potential new customers.

5. Google Pays Attention

And don’t forget Google pays attention. When you write content for your readers you end up using words that they’d be searching for if they are looking for your product. If it’s really good content people are sharing it via Facebook , Twitter etc, and reading it—Google will send Internet users who search for terms similar to what’s in your content to your site.