Amplify Your Website Traffic Through Social Media

Amplify Your Website Traffic Through Social Media

Chances are, you’re reading this on LinkedIn or Facebook. That alone proves the power of social media.

Are you taking full advantage? Are you looking for a little traffic boost?

By strategically linking your website with your social media platforms, you’ll see a significant increase in your online visibility. Instead of directly posting content on social media, link it to the relevant page on your website.

Sounds pretty basic right? We often see posts on social media that don’t include a website link or only link to the homepage. This means there are many missed chances for engagement.

We agree that Social media fluff posts, which don’t contain site links, are important for brand awareness with the right hashtags. However, it is on your website where you have control over how visitors interact. Not the social media algorithm.

Remember, when you click on social media content, it should take you to the website. Directly connect the content they just followed, not just to your homepage. This means the visitor is now on your website and will probably engage more with your content and browse your services.

So, why does this matter? Simple. A strong online strategy involves effective SEO and a website connected to social media for better rankings.

Let’s see how a good social media plan can help your website and brand get more attention. How it enhances user trust in the quality of your offerings, which ultimately leads to a higher search engine ranking. Higher search rankings equal higher visibility, and we all want a piece of that action!

Let’s get into some specifics! I’ll mainly talk about Facebook and LinkedIn, since that’s where most of your potential visitors will come from. However, it will equally apply to other Social Media platforms as well.

Increasing Exposure and Reach

Taking full advantage of social media starts with making your social profiles accessible from your website and vice versa. Adding links to your social media profiles on your website encourages visitors to connect with your brand on different platforms.

You can usually find these on websites, either at the top or bottom of the home page. They link icons for each platform. Something like this:

social media share icons

Remember, exposure is only half the game. Engagement is where the magic really begins to happen. We can’t all achieve viral status, but we also don’t want to hear crickets. The first step is to embed Facebook posts or LinkedIn updates directly on your website.

This way, you can present your active social presence to your audience without them leaving your site. This encourages more dynamic and personable interactions with your brand. It also helps to show that your website information is current. And that’s a big thing.

Building Trust Through Transparency

Today almost everyone is a sceptic. Quick to call things out as “fake news,” vocalise their distaste or liking for something. and are barraged with so much information, it’s overwhelming!

Now more than ever, it is critically important for you to gain your audience’s trust! One way to achieve this is by showing your social media activity on your website. You can present user-generated content, reviews, and recent posts on your site via social media integration. Got a YouTube channel that showcases what you have to offer, flaunt it!

Showcasing real interactions and testimonials from your social media profiles allows your audience to see the human side of your business. People tend to trust what others say about your business, products, and services, over what comes directly from your content. The prime example here is Google reviews.

Such transparency and honesty can build a level of trust that even the most polished, professional content often struggles to achieve.

Boosting SEO, The Indirect Way

While Google doesn’t directly use social signals in its ranking algorithms, a lively social media presence can indirectly enhance your website’s visibility. By lively we mean, not only quality content but currency!

If your last post was months ago it’s likely to be “old news”. Remember if it’s not regularly in people’s feeds, it’s not likely to be seen.

Every share of your website link on platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn boosts your content’s chances of being discovered, clicked on, and shared again. This ripple effect can amplify your website’s traffic and potentially lead to more “backlinks” which are strong ranking factors for search engines. (We’ll talk more about backlinks in another blog coming to your feed soon!)

Making Sharing a Breeze

Imagine a visitor finding a fantastic article on your website and wanting to share it with their network. Have you made it easy for them to do this? Remember not everyone is as savvy as you when it comes to using social media and websites.

Adding social share buttons to your website offers a straightforward way for visitors to broadcast your content on their social media platforms.

This simple action can expand your content’s reach and bring new visitors to your site. Visitors who previously may not have been in your direct sphere could be introduced to your website because their friend or friend of a friend has something to say about your content! New visitors or followers is definitely a step in the right direction.

Fostering Engagement

Gone are the days of passive browsing. Nowadays, visitors want to engage, interact, and express their opinions. Many social media users feel they have a voice and feel compelled to use it!

If you have an online store, turn on product reviews and encourage your customers to add a review to the product they purchased. A 5-star review might be just the little push to convert a potential customer into making that purchase.

You can also consider adding features like Facebook or LinkedIn commenting systems on your website, which can also spur visitors to engage with your content and prolong their time on your site – and encourages them to return.

Social media integration in your website design is not merely the newest trendy feature—it’s a potent tool for driving traffic and boosting user engagement.

Harnessing the power of social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to widen your reach, build trust with your audience, enhance your SEO efforts, and foster meaningful engagement is a sound strategy.

Why are you waiting? If you not doing this and need help, Scorched Media can help you harness the power of social media and propel your website traffic to new heights.