Google August Core Update – What It Means For Business Owners

google core update. what it means

Google announced its latest core algorithm update on August 23, which will have some impact on your website. Whether it’s a positive or negative impact remains to be seen.

Following the earlier update in March, this marks the second significant core adjustment in 2023. Monitoring the rollout, which will span approximately two weeks, is essential for anyone concerned about search engine page rankings.

Why Does Google Update its Core Algorithm?

Google updates its core algorithm to provide the best possible user search experience. It adjusts how websites are perceived, ranked, and presented to users. Which in-turn has a significant impact on how search engine results are displayed.

Each core update has one primary objective: to refine Google’s algorithm, ensuring the delivery of relevant, timely, and accurate search results to users. Contrary to some misconceptions, these updates don’t specifically target individual websites or web pages. So, if you’re worried about penalties or de-indexing due to breaches of guidelines – rest easy.

That said, don’t assume your website will remain unaffected. Expect some changes in your search engine results page (SERP) rankings. For some high-quality, pertinent sites previously under the radar, this could signal a welcomed uptick in rankings. Conversely, some high-ranking sites might drop down.

Understanding the User Perspective

From a user’s viewpoint, these updates mean they are more likely to find search results more closely aligned with their query. This increased accuracy in search results paves the way for a better online experience.

A Recap of 2023’s Google Updates

This year has been dynamic in terms of Google’s algorithm shifts. Besides the core updates in March and August, there were two review updates: one in April and a significant product review tweak completed by March 7.

Since the August announcement, Scorched Media and other SEO professionals saw traces of the update appearing almost a week before the official announcement.

We expect the complete implementation will stretch across a few weeks, with Google refreshing its ranking release history page once the rollout is finished.

Interpreting SERP Ranking Shifts

Differing from specific updates like Google’s Link Spam adjustment, a drop in rankings post-core update isn’t necessarily a problem indicator. Some previously lower-ranked yet relevant sites could ascend the ladder, pushing others down.

If another site leapfrogs yours, it likely offers content of superior quality and relevance. This doesn’t imply keyword spam, link issues, or technical glitches. Your focus should be on enhancing content quality, relevance, and authority. Each content piece should underscore your experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.

It’s clear with Google’s quality raters trained to favour content reflecting hands-on experience. The spotlight on E-E-A-T (experience, expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness) will be profound during this core update. It’s pivotal to weave these elements into your content fabric.

Guidance for Getting Back on Top

Notice a drop in your website’s ranking after the update? Don’t stress. Google has shared a checklist to help businesses like yours improve content and climb back up the ranks.

Is Your Content Unique?: Do you offer something new or different? Make sure your content isn’t just repeating what everyone else is saying. Offer your own insights or research to stand out.

How Deep Do You Go?: Don’t just skim the surface. Ensure you’re thoroughly examining your topic so that readers get all the info they need from your page.

Using Other Sources?: If you’re referencing other information, make sure you’re adding your own twist or value. Just repeating someone else’s findings won’t cut it.

Clear Headlines: Are your titles clear and related to the content? Avoid confusing or misleading your audience. Your title should tell them exactly what they’re about to read.

Stay Genuine: Nobody likes click-bait. Stick to honest, straightforward titles that represent your content well.

Would You Share It?: Think about your content. Would you share it on your Facebook or LinkedIn? If not, why? Make it something you’d be proud to show others.

Following this straightforward checklist can help make your content more appealing to both Google and your potential customers. The key is to keep it genuine, relevant, and valuable.

If you need assistance recovering your lost rankings, why not reach out to Scorched Media and talk to us about how we can help?

Ongoing SEO Strategy

For a business, it’s crucial to incorporate these updates into an ongoing SEO strategy. Periodic content audits and adjustments can ensure you’re always on the right track, leading to better visibility and increased organic traffic.

So Where To From Here?

The full effects of Google’s core update will materialise in the coming weeks, with the cycle concluding in early September.

We are still waiting to see the impact of the update website rankings. Nevertheless, changes in search engine results will not necessarily be negative. The best approach is to focus on enhancing the quality and relevance of your website’s content.

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