SEO for Google Maps in 2023: Benefits and Challenges

google maps seo

Back in June, we put together a how-to guide on setting up your free Google Business Profile to enhance your local SEO. You’re missing out on online exposure if you still need to activate yours.

We all understand that optimising for search engines is crucial for any business to attract customers online. A prominent presence on Google Maps for local businesses can also significantly enhance their online visibility.

Here’s an in-depth look into Google Maps SEO for 2023, detailing its fundamentals and comparing its advantages with potential pitfalls.

Understanding Google Maps SEO

Prioritise Accuracy: Ensure your business name, address, phone number, website link, and hours of operation are accurate. It’s essential to maintain this information consistently across all online platforms.

Use Relevant Keywords: Identify and integrate relevant keywords into your Google Maps listing. Understand what potential customers are searching for and incorporate these terms appropriately.

Manage Your Reviews: Positive customer reviews can boost your online reputation, while negative ones can impact it. Encourage feedback from satisfied customers and address any negative reviews with care.

Incorporate Quality Images: Add high-quality images to your listing. Ensure these images are optimised for search with relevant file names and alt tags.

Keep Your Profile Updated: Regularly update your Google Business with offers, news, or event information. This not only informs your audience but also helps in maintaining your online visibility on Google Maps.

Choose the Right Category: It’s crucial that your business is categorised correctly on Google Maps. Selecting the appropriate category ensures that you reach the right audience.

Analysing The Benefits and Challenges of Google Maps SEO


  • Enhances business visibility on Google Maps.
  • Connects businesses to local customer bases.
  • Refines keyword strategies for better returns.
  • Increases brand recognition.
  • Facilitates easy tracking of performance metrics.


  • Requires intensive research and effort for optimisation.
  • It needs ongoing updates to maintain top positions.
  • If your business doesn’t fit into a specific predefined category, optimising correctly can be challenging.
  • There’s a risk of penalties from Google for non-compliant techniques.
  • The competition for top listings in search results can be intense.


Leveraging platforms like Google Maps is essential for businesses looking to optimise their online visibility. Although there are challenges, the potential benefits of improved visibility and engagement are significant.

Understanding the basics of SEO for Google Maps is crucial for enhancing visibility and growing your business. Reach out to Scorched Media, and allow our specialists to handle all your Google Maps SEO requirements.