Writing Good Web Copy

Write website copy that attracts website visitors

To write persuasive web copy, use the techniques that work off-line as they also work equally well on-line.

It’s so easy to incorporate a lot of pictures, graphics, and other gizmos to grab the attention of your visitor, but the most successful websites employ clear and uncluttered copy.

Build your website around your copy. Only add pictures and graphics if they enhance and support your copy and do not distract your visitors from the one most important thing on your site – your sales message.

Other important things to consider are:

  • Use plenty of white space.
  • Around 300 words on a page is perfect.
  • Break your copy up into bite-sized chunks.
  • Pack your message with benefits, benefits and more benefits.
  • No jargon. Simple explanations work best!
  • Make it easy to contact you from every page.
  • Place a “home” button on every page.
  • Make sure your copy is as long as it needs to be to get your whole message across.
  • Emphasise your key points.
  • Use Testimonials with imagination and incorporate them into your copy. Don’t just list them on a separate page as a lot of your readers won’t look for them.
  • Make it easy for your visitor to made a positive buying decision

Finally, Read it, then read it again! Nothing detracts from your credibility like spelling mistakes and typos.